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Onions - Caramalized Onions

  • $13.00

With close to a pound of onions in every jar and an hour of sautéing and simmering, Caramalized Onions are definitely a labour of love!  Sweet and sticky with a lovely hint of mild, Indian spices.

Serve on top of cheese & crackers (goats cheese is particularly good with these onions), on a burger, a beef, pork or chicken slider, green salads, pasta salads, grain and potato salad, tucked inside a grilled cheese and fabulous as an accompaniment with a variety of beef, poultry and pork.  The onions take so many dishes to a whole new level and a little goes a long way. 

See our recipe section for a delicious blue cheese and caramelized onion appetizer! 

Ingredients:  Fresh Onions, White Wine Vinegar, Brown Sugar, toasted Spices.

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