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+Hawkestone Soaps, bar & liquid

  • $7.95

Beautiful bars of hand made soap, hand lotion and liquid soap are handcrafted in Gravenhurst, Muskoka by Hawkestone Soap Company.  

The Glycerin Soaps are made using raw ingredients of the highest purity and contains absolutely no animal products. 100% pure Glycerin soap. Glycerin is the ingredient that attracts moisture and helps keep your skin feeling silky smooth. Natural soaps like the ones made by Hawkestone Soap Company are softer, lather beautifully and leave your skin clean and feeling soft. Even people with sensitive skin have been amazed by how gentle this soap is.

Although they often allow the essential oils or fragrances to naturally colour their soaps, when they do use colour, they use cosmetic grade pigments which are a natural colourant for soap as opposed to dyes.

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