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+Lavender Comfort Pillows

  • $9.95

These soft and snuggly pillows are perfect for soothing your aches and pains.  Filled with flax seeds, these pillows can be frozen or heated in the microwave (try 1 1/2 minutes).  They are then applied to bring relief to sore eyes, pulled muscles, swollen joints or anywhere that your body needs some relief.   They are also excellent to snuggle up with during these cold winter's night or warm up a toddler's bed before they crawl in.  Hand sewn in Bracebridge, the soft flannel cover is removable for easy washing.

Colours and patterns are ever changing depending on the fabric available.  We have included a photo of the colours currently in stock and should be getting more in shortly.  Please include a note with your order regarding your colour preference.

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