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**SOUP GIRL - Soup in a Jar

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SOUP GIRL - Soup in a Jar     These popular Vegetarian soups are all filled with simple, wholesome ingredients and feature Canadian lentils and split peas.  

They are a snap to make and contain all the ingredients, herbs & spices needed to make 8 cups of yummy soup. Combine ingredients in a pot, add 8 c. of water, simmer & in about an hour you will have 8 cups of delicious, nutritious soup!  Left overs freeze well. 

Gluten Free? Most of these soups do not contain gluten ingredients, although they are not certified gluten-free.  This is mainly because they carry forward the same disclaimer that some of our ingredients have: may contain traces of wheat, nuts, soy, sesame, mustard. There are a number of people who are gluten-intolerant that do eat these soups and have no problem with them, but unfortunately, we cannot offer any guarantees.

The only soups that DO directly contain gluten are the Curried Cashew Soup and the Bavarian Barley Soup as both contain pearl barley.  

Eat well and enjoy!

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