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. Pepper Jellies - Smoke'n Hot Pepper Jelly *NEW*

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Hot Pepper Jelly with a smokey twist!  You can't beat the flavour of freshly smoked Jalapeño peppers and it gives this delicious hot jelly a fabulously smokey flavour!  Delicious with cream cheese, Brie or Camembert - pretty much any cheese at all, and wonderful as a glaze on ham and chicken, great tossed with wings and super in a meat sandwich!

Click here for our delicious Pepper Jelly Cheese Cake Appetizer Recipe!  

Ingredients:  (Vinegar & Peppers - Shepherds or Bell, Hot Red Peppers, Chilli and Chipotle Peppers (smoked Jalapeño peppers)), Sugar, Fruit Pectin, Hot Pepper Sauce. 

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