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Hot Jellies are Great with P & B!

Posted by Lynn Murden on

This summer, during one of our stops at Yummies in a Jar (on the highway) we were introduced to your Cranberry Jalapeno and Strawberry Chipotle Jelly. In fact, beside buying numerous jars in the summer and distributing them to co-workers in Stratford, Santa Carol ordered more to add to my stocking. 

While both are great on Brie cheese and other cheeses as well as on Turkey or Chicken or other meat, they are also great on toast and peanut butter. My family thinks I am nuts and is ready to call the guys in the white suits as I continue to combine the two and spread the word. Give it a try and keep up the great work.  Hope to visit your shop again this summer.  All the best in 2017,

Peter Moreton

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