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Muskoka Diesel House Coffee and wonderful jam - such inspiration!

Posted by Lynn Murden on

Good Evening Lynn:
My name is Ed and a friend and I visited you a few weeks ago, while staying in the area.
I picked up three jars of your exotic jams, and a bag of your Crazy Goat coffee. We love the coffee, and when I did a web search, much to my amazement, I found an outlet selling this brand of coffee, only three blocks from where I live. I am so grateful I was introduced to it at your home-based business.
The jams are being 'measured' out as well. They are a remarkable blend of some wonderful flavours. You must be inspired to have these combinations at your finger tips.
I wished to let you know we appreciated your warm welcome, and have truly enjoyed what we purchased from you. When next visiting the area, we will stop by and say 'Hello'..
Ed R. from Mississauga

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