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Wild Rice with Yummies in a Jar Vinaigrette

Posted by Lynn Murden on

We used Organic Wild Rice* harvested by the Ojibwa Indians in Northern Ontario for this delicious recipe.  This makes about 6 cups of rice but it freezes well.  Serve hot or cold.

1 cup Wild Rice - cover with boiling water and let sit 1 hour or even overnight.  Drain and rinse.

Bring to a boil uncovered and boil for 1 minute:

Drained and rinsed Rice

3 cups water or stock - I like beef stock

3 mushrooms, diced

1/3 onion, finely chopped

Reduce heat to low, put lid on the pot and simmer 45 minutes. Turn burner off, put lid on pot and let sit for 25 minutes.  The rice should be a little chewy and not mushy. If there is still liquid left, drain off.  

Options:  This wild rice mixture can be mixed 1:1 with cooked white rice for a less intense flavour.  If serve as a cold saladadd any or all of the following: diced feta or goats cheese, diced green onions, fresh spinach leaves, cubed smoked trout or salmon, chicken or other veggies.

Toss with your favourite Yummies in a Jar Oil Free Vinaigrette I like the Oriental Dipping Sauce or, for a little bite, try the Apricot Mandarin Chipotle.  Sprinkle with toasted nuts.  Serve and Enjoy. 

* this rice is available through Yummies in a Jar 

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